Crystal Limit Class List

Classes are scheduled privately. Most classes can handle 8-10 people if you want to learn with a group of friends or schedule one on one classes as well. Call to sign up today!!!

  1. Beginner Jewelry - Make a beaded necklace and earring set. Approximately 2hrs.
  2. Wire-Wrapped Pendant - Learn basic wire-wrapping techniques. Make a cage wrap. Approximately 2 hrs.
  3. Traditional Pearl Knotting - Make a knotted pearl necklace, using a knotting awl. Approximately 1 1/2 hrs.
  4. Chain Design - Design and make a beaded chain necklace. Learn how to connect chain and links. Great for the beginner. Approximately 2 hrs.
  5. Earrings - Create 3 one of a kind earrings. Approximately 2 hrs.
  6. Cords, Cords, & Cords - Learn how to use different cords and cord findings to create simple jewelry. Approximately 2 hrs.
  7. Ends, Ends, & More - Questions are finally answered!!! Learn how to use numerous ends and crimps on all different types of media! Approximately 2 hrs.
  8. Hammered Wire Findings - Learn the basics of hammering wire to create one of a kind clasps, links, and earwires. Approximately 2 hrs.
  9. Multi-Strand Jewelry - Make a 3-strand necklace and get the basics of beautiful multi-strand jewelry. Approximately 3 hrs.
  10. Peyote Stitch - Create a basic peyote stitch bracelet. Approximately 3 hrs.
  11. Memory Wire Jewelry - Make a simple memory wire cuff. Other memory wire designs and bracelets will be demonstrated in class. Approximately 2 hrs.
  12. Basic Bracelets - Create 2 basic bracelets, one is a criss-cross pattern and the other is a stretch bracelet. Approximately 2 hrs.
  13. Beaded Bead - Stitch a one of a kind bead. Great Design!! Approximately 3 hrs.
  14. Netted Ornament - Learn to create a beautiful Christmas ornament using net stitching. Approximately 3 hrs.
  15. Illusion Necklace - Create a multi-strand pearl illusion necklace. Approximately 2 hrs.
  16. Wire-Wrapped Bracelet - Make a simple wire-wrapped cuff bracelet with beads. Very simple! Approximately 2 hrs.
  17. Braided Crystal Bracelet - Create a stunning bracelet using Swarovski crystals or fire-polish!! Design is very versatile! Approximately 3 hrs.
  18. Seed Bead Twist Bracelet - Learn to make this unique twisted bracelet. Great design. Approximately 3 hrs.
  19. Swarovski Stitch Bracelet - Stitch a beautiful Swarovski bracelet. Approximately 3 hrs.

Classes are $15.00 and do not include supplies.
(If there is something you would like to learn and it is not listed, please ask. We would love to teach you!)